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Full Head Foils

Half Head Foils


10 Packets

Root Tint

Roots & Refresh Ends


Fashion Colour

Scalp Bleach Roots

Scalp Bleach Roots (More Than 1″ root)


Colour Correction













Ladies Cut & Blowdry 

Girls Cut & Blowdry (10-16yrs)

Girls Cut & Blowdry (Under 10s)

Gents Cut

Boys Cut (10-16yrs)

Kids Dry Cut (Under 10)







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*Skin test is required for colour services 48 hours prior to your appointment.

*POQ- price on quotation for any services where there may be extensive work that will use more colour and time. This will be worked out at your consultation.

*Extra surcharge for very thick or very long hair.

*Colour prices do not include cut.


Blowdry - Short

Blowdry - Long

Pin Curls

Dry Styling (Straighten/Curl)


Hair Up







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Conditioning Treatment

A conditioning treatment is a great extra to any service to give your hair a boost. This will be an intensive mask to help restore the hairs PH levels and to bring your hair back to life.



ColorPhlex is added into your colour to prevent damage whilst colouring. It increases hair strength by 4Xs, returning the hair back to its natural state. The naturally derived vegetable protein molecules penetrate the hair shaft filling, bonding and protecting them. This adds an extra 10 minutes to your colour service.


Smoothing Treatments

Brazilian Blowdry

This treatment is semi permanent and helps to smooth hair, eliminate frizz, soften, add shine,give hair instant manageability, immediate results and lasts up to 3 months. Good for all hair types, including dry, damaged hair. When having this service it is best to have your hair coloured before having this done otherwise you need to wait 3 weeks. After having the brazilian blowdry you cannot wash your hair, tie it up or put any clips or products into the hair for 72 hours. This service takes around 2 1/2 hours depending on hair length.


12 Week Blowdry

This treatment is semi permanent and helps to smooth, defrizz and soften the hair. It is formaldehyde free and not affected by sulphate products. This treatment will not be diminished by colour, bleach, sea or pool water. The 12 week blowdry takes around 1 1/2 hours depending on your hair length and can be washed immediatley after.


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